Lost in Eden

This photo series consists of site specific work, 'Where the Hearts Meet',  commissioned for the 150th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, a historic landmark which has always been an ideal environment for social and solitary life throughout its history.

The project started at a point in history when humanity, and Hong Kong in particular, was tested on numerous levels – from political riots in the streets to pandemic related tragedies at home. After two years of turbulence, most people in the city inevitably felt sad, confused and helpless. Some of them escaped to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, one of the few outdoor public venues that was partially open during the lock-down.

Using the natural setting and historical monuments as a backdrop, my images have captured how the Gardens became a space for people to cope with these stressors. Most visitors appeared to be fully engrossed in their activities and became unaware of their surroundings. Their presence in the scene, rather ambiguous in nature, reiterates the awkwardness of the situation and in some way reflects their state of mind at the time.

Images 1 - 8