“Stereoviews”: A Conversation between Gretchen So and Stanley Wong

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Streoviews Exhibition OpeningExhibition opens on 15 February 2014 (Saturday), at Lumenvisum; Artist Sharing at 4pm; Opening at 6pm

Lumenvisum proudly announces that artist Stanley Wong (a.k.a. anothermountainman) and photographer Gretchen So are participants of this year’s “Conversation between Artist and Photographer Series IV”.

These two prominent photographic artists have distinctive backgrounds. During the past six months, they have shared their experience in photography and re-examined their passion for it in multiple dialogues. They stress that their motivation in picture-taking has been derived from their concerns of their surroundings. They never had a strong urge to exhibit their work or make attempts to share it with others. Therefore, after 20 years of work, they remain with a heap of untouched negatives.

After a series of conversations, the artists review each other’s work in retrospect. They delve into each other’s old and untouched negatives to make some extraordinary discoveries. In that process they select images and match them in pairs based on their sentimental connections.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part contains images of Hong Kong taken in the past 20 years. Both photographers have a strong attachment to the city. They love to wonder around and explore the streets with their cameras. They often express their state of mind in a snapshot style.

The second part of the exhibition contains images of the World Trade Centre in New York. While living there, Gretchen So spent a few years photographing the different views of the towers from remote locations in the Tri-State area. Anothermountainman, on the other hand, took pictures of ground zero a year after the 9/11 attacks. Both artists captured the same location but their images present two very distinct perspectives…

Artists Sharing: 15 February 2014, Saturday, 4-6 pm
Opening Reception: 15 February 2014, Saturday, 6-8 pm
Exhibition: 15 February – 16 March, 2014
Opening Hours: 11am-6pm (Closed on Monday)
Venue: Lumenvisum
Address: L2-10, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin St, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong
Enquiry: Tel: (852)3177 9159, Email: info@lumenvisum.org, www.facebook.com/lumenvisum.hk, www.lumenvisum.org

About “Conversation between Artist and Photographer Series”
No matter as a record tool or an art medium, Photography plays an important role in shaping contemporary art. However, artists and photographers have different way of thought and approach in Photography, which is worth for us to discuss. Therefore, Lumenvisum has launched “Dialogue between Artist and Photographer Series”, aiming to reveal their thoughts in Art and Photography through dialogue.

Every year, Lumenvisum invites a pair of photographer and artist to have a conversation. The conversation is divided into three parts: (1) Understanding each other’s work. (2) Developing a common interest theme based on the first part, and then starting their creation. (3) Hosting the exhibition and publication to reveal their pursuit and understanding of Art and Photography from their dialogue. “Conversation between Artist and Photographer Series” will provide a valuable experience and record for local arts development in Hong Kong.

About Lumenvisum
Established in 2007, Lumenvisum is a registered charitable arts organization in Hong Kong. Being Hong Kong’s only art space encompassing education, cultural exchange and resources in photography, Lumenvisum dedicated to promoting photography by organizing photo exhibitions, artist talks and photography courses regularly; our facilities consist of an exhibition gallery, a library and a photographic darkroom.