Thematic exhibition “If You Park Here” presented by Fotanian Open Studios 2010

If-You-Park-HereI live in Wan Chai, where I often encounter a large vinyl banner with an image of a serene path leading into the woods. The beautiful scene of nature not only adds green tones to the hustle-bustle grey surroundings, it also conceals the trash collection centre behind it.

This multifunction banner creates an illusion with a strong visual effect. Even though the image is inconsistent with its environmental context, it highlights the differences and similarities between nature and the city.

For this installation project, I use photographic means to capture the relationship between ‘image and reality’ in a scene. My picture is reproduced on vinyl, which is then installed at a specific spot (exit) of the exhibition site (parking lot). The shift of space and inherent meaning of the banner bring a new dimension to the installation, where the artwork is ‘nested’ in the venue.




我利用攝影捕捉這種「影像與現實」的關係。照片以巨型海報的方式製作,裝置於特定的地點 (停車場) 和位置 (出口通道),讓轉移的空間和海報隠身的意義,付賦予作品新的角度,與現場環境緊扣在一起。

Exhibition Details:

January 16 -31, 2010
Shatin Galleria, 18-24 Shan Mei Street, Fotan, Shatin, Hong Kong